Rent and buy apartments, homes,lands, stores, warehouses and shops in Douala and Yaoundé

Why ?

In the heart of Koutchoumi is the idea which states that for someone who seeks a dwelling or a ground, the real estate of his dreams exists. Only, he does not know where to find it.

Similarly, for the real estate agent, you can always find a customer who should be super interested in one of its real property.
Only, also does not always know where to find it.

Koutchoumi allows anyone in the world to find not to seek, Finding!

Koutchoumi Real estate is a 100% real estate platform allowing only real estate advertisers to freely and easily publish their property in providing detailed and structured information.

Those who seek real estate can then find whatever they seek y specifying their criteria in a precise way.

For example, we can clarify its search as follows :

"apartment 2 rooms located in Douala and whose monthly rent is between 60,000 and 70,000 FCFA"

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